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Welcome to my portfolio

I'm currently in 2nd year at the European Business School Paris in the international track. This year I'm the treasurer of a wine association in my school and in charge of the alumni's division at EBS-Entreprise whose goal is to insure links between students and companies.

What I'm doing here?

I’m a student at the EBS-Paris, an international business school that spurs us on toward the entrepreneurial, the digital and the innovation. That’s why, I’m currently in San Francisco for a month to discover the SF Bay Area and especially the Silicon Valley and its opportunities in these areas. This unpredictable occasion to come here in SF has already been valuable for me, with its numerous meetups, its lectures at the City Light Booksellers & Publishers where I’ve been.

Furthermore, I really benefited from every additional guest lecture (with Pierre Gaubil, Lisa Brown…). As you might already understand, I’m curious about lots of things, not because I don’t know what I like, but because I want to make the best of it.

Why would you want meeting me?

According to some of my friends, I’m rather a person who knows what she wants and loves challenges. I’m honest, whatever the truth is, and I can be a risk taker when I know it’s worth the effort.

Maybe we can share few passions?

My passion is mainly about the luxury car industry and its revving engines, and today this industry goes with safety, innovation and continue to prosper. And that’s why I'm looking for an internship here, in this sector that will help me work with passion while using the skills I learned these past few years.

Now, my Future with You

I am driven to be the best at what I do and I want to work somewhere where I’ll have opportunities to develop my skills, take on my passion, and work with people I can really learn from. Some of the most innovative thinkers in the car industry work here and that’s a big reason why I would love to build a career here.

My hobbies:

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Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe opposition leader, dies aged 65

On Wed 14 Feb 2018

The article deals with the death of the main opposition’s leader in Zimbabwe and retraces his career. Furthermore, his death creates a leader’s party lack and seriously affects it, that’s why the article tells us about the consequences and his possible successors at the leadership of the party.
He founded his own party in 1999 and fought in the long struggle to bring democracy to Zimbabwe. Indeed, and as a conclusion, even those who were not especially interested by his ideas keep respect Tsvangirai as a fighter against oppression.

You Can’t Ban Love’: Pakistanis Defy a Valentine’s Day Prohibition

On FEB. 14, 2018

A year has past since the Valentine’s Day has been cancelled and young men still try to be creative wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to their lovers. For a couple of days yet, the police had warned shop’s owners not to sell red flowers, balloons and chocolate boxes on Valentine’s Day.
Furthermore, the restaurant owners faced to a decrease of attractiveness because couples try to have fun in different ways like, planned to surprise her by cooking her breakfast or opted for “virtual dates” to avoid possible harassment by the authorities at restaurants.

The creation of a Startup project in 4 weeks

The Lean Startup course teached me how to develop my own business idea and turn it into a successful startup. The course was shaped in four different modules:

Creation of my own website

Thank's to HTML and CSS programms I just created my website in 4 weeks!

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